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What is the method of preparation of basic zinc carbonate?


What is the method of preparation of basic zinc carbonate?

The solution contains 77 g/L of zinc, 13.3 g/L of cadmium, 0.08 g/L of iron, 2.2 g/L of copper and approximately 0.04 g/L of magnesium, aluminium and sodium. Now that the cadmium has been removed, what is the method of preparation of basic zinc carbonate?


What is the method of preparation of basic zinc carbonate?

1. The preparation of zinc carbonate and active zinc oxide by precipitation with ammonium bicarbonate is characterised by the addition of zinc sulphate to the solution (in particular zinc hydroxide recovered from insurance powder by the zinc powder reduction method, dissolved with industrial sulphuric acid to remove impurities), the precipitation of ammonium bicarbonate as a precipitant to form basic zinc carbonate, which is filtered, washed and dried to obtain the finished basic zinc carbonate, which is then roasted to obtain active zinc oxide. It is also suitable for the preparation of other forms of alkaline carbonates.

2. Zinc oxide is a highly functional fine inorganic chemical product with a wide range of uses, widely used in pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, rubber, coatings, photocatalysis, ceramics, conductive materials and other fields [1-3]. The preparation of zinc oxide has been intensively studied at home and abroad. Currently, the methods that have been much studied in China are acid leaching and ammonia leaching [4-7]. After leaching and purification, zinc oxide is obtained by both carbonisation and calcination. However, the phase composition of the intermediate products prepared by carbonisation (one of the important processes) has not been determined and characterised. The thermodynamic analysis of the phase composition of alkaline zinc carbonate by Ling et al [8-9] was not scientific, in particular, the derivation of thermodynamic data for alkaline zinc carbonate confused the concepts of gas-solid and liquid-solid reactions and the resulting thermodynamic data for alkaline zinc carbonate were difficult to obtain.

3. Basic zinc carbonate, molecular formula CH6O8Zn3, molecular weight 342.15, is a white fine amorphous powder, odourless and tasteless. It is insoluble in water and alcohol, slightly soluble in ammonia. Soluble in dilute acid and sodium hydroxide.

4. Used in the production of light-coloured astringents and latex products, skin care agents, artificial silk and desulphurization agents. Used as an analytical reagent, also in the pharmaceutical industry. Basic zinc carbonate is used as a feed additive and as a zinc supplement in feed.

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