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What are the advantages of basic zinc carbonate products?


What are the advantages of alkaline zinc carbonate products?

Including zinc in rare metals, the advantage of industrial alkaline zinc carbonate products is that their abundance in the earth's crust is estimated to be less than 0.01%. Only iron, aluminium, manganese, magnesium, chromium and titanium are considered to be in high abundance and are considered to be metal-rich. Zinc concentrations are estimated to be around 0.007% and do not vary much between the different types of rocks that make up the earth's crust. So what are the advantages of alkaline zinc carbonate products?


What are the advantages of alkaline zinc carbonate products?

1. The pyrometallurgical process also starts with the roasting of the concentrate. The zinc oxide is then sintered and reduced in a blast furnace at 1100 with an excess of coal. As a result, metallic zinc vapour is formed, which is condensed and the liquid is collected in moulds. A further refining process may be required to remove any lead and cadmium residues.

2. In general, hot-dip galvanising is carried out in successive stages. The article to be treated is de-oiled, picked up and cleaned, and then immersed in a zinc solution. The iron and zinc of the carrier react with each other to form an iron-zinc coating, so that only zinc is deposited.

3. The advantages of this industrial alkaline zinc carbonate product continue on the steel sheet and wire, which are continuously passed through the furnace and then through the zinc bath.

4. The duration of the zinc coating is influenced by the presence of compounds in the atmosphere that affect the pH of the surface condensate, i.e. intervention is required to determine the degree of acidification of the exposed environment. This is the case with atmospheric sulphur dioxide. When SO enters the solution, an acidic environment is created.

5. In this environment, the carbonates and alkaline oxides of the passivated layer are converted into zinc salts, such as sulphates, which are discontinuous and readily penetrate aggressive substances. This allows the zinc layer of the metal beneath to be etched at a rate that depends on the concentration of the contaminant. There are many factors that cause corrosion, so it is not possible to define a general formula to determine the rate of the corrosion process.

6. We have provided some data to demonstrate that in most cases the results obtained through the use of zinc coatings are satisfactory in preventing steel from rusting.

8. The specific values of the corrosion rate are selected within the specified range according to the actual situation and atmospheric corrosion should be evaluated according to known conditions.

9. The use of stainless steel and copper in the production equipment ensures a consistent product, making it free from impurities.

10. The drying of zinc carbonate with hot air ensures uniform drying of the product, resulting in a uniform fineness, good fluidity and high specific surface area.

11. Zinc carbonate has a low heavy metal content of less than 5 PPM. this process is in line with environmental and economic interests.

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