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Alkaline Zinc Carbonate: What are the purchase considerations for Alkaline Zinc Carbonate Flash Dryer?


Alkaline zinc carbonate: What are the considerations for the purchase of an alkaline zinc carbonate flash dryer?

After more than 20 years of development, the company has built up a large customer base and a database of dry material experience. As far as the flash dryer is concerned, we know that the flash dryer, like the spray dryer and vibrating fluidised bed dryer, is a new type of continuous dryer that integrates drying, crushing, screening and dust recovery. It has the characteristics of stable operation, saving drying time and operating space. So alkaline zinc carbonate: what are the considerations for the purchase of alkaline zinc carbonate flash dryer?


Alkaline zinc carbonate: What are the considerations for the purchase of alkaline zinc carbonate flash dryer?

1. So far, the state and the Ministry of Chemical Industry have no specific standards for dryers, which need to be designed, configured and manufactured according to the characteristics of the materials dried by the user. In other words, if the non-standard equipment is manufactured according to the general mechanical standards, then the manufactured equipment will hardly meet the expected requirements, or even produce qualified products at all. So when buying and selling, you must choose a professional manufacturer. Before purchasing, first of all, we should understand some basic knowledge of the flash dryer, and professional manufacturers of professionals to communicate, fully introduce the product characteristics and drying process encountered in the problem, which is very important for the selection and configuration of equipment.

2. In view of the specificity and uncertainty of the flash dryer drying materials, it is recommended not to blindly buy second-hand equipment in the second-hand market. The main thing is that second-hand equipment is not tailor-made material for you. No after-sales service guarantee, buy second-hand equipment is not to achieve the original purpose of saving money to solve the problem. So think twice to avoid unnecessary waste and loss.

3. Firstly, the physical and chemical properties of the material being dried need to be understood and provided. Shape, water content, moisture content, water of crystallisation, particle size, bulk density, viscosity, heat sensitivity, softening point, thixotropy, toxicity, corrosiveness, odour, flammability, explosiveness, static electricity, permeability, agglomeration, crystals or particles easily pulverised, etc. The choice of material will affect the choice of equipment, configuration and drying effect.

4. Drying characteristics, drying curve, critical moisture content and equilibrium moisture content under the drying conditions to be selected. Drying output requirements and long-term planning, the impact of the material's commercial value and drying effect on it, such as product moisture, contamination, temperature, abrasion, crushing, rehydration, compactness, etc. Requirements for commodity value and material recovery.

5. Choose flash drying to solve drying problems. There is a fixed value for the amount of thermal energy consumed to dry and dehydrate one kilogram. The capacity of the heat source (hot air oven, steam radiator, etc.). Matching with the dryer is also certain, so the drying capacity of the main technical index of the dryer - is often measured by the amount of water removed per hour (or large amount of water removed).

7. Hot air temperature or drying medium temperature is a sensitive indicator condition in the drying process. The higher the hot air temperature, the more heat energy contained, the lower the relative humidity of the hot air, the stronger the ability to absorb and carry moisture, very conducive to drying and high thermal efficiency of drying. In many drying equipment, when other conditions remain unchanged, the dehydration capacity of the dryer is basically proportional to the change in hot air temperature.

8. When choosing drying equipment, it is important to have sufficient data on the permissible temperature of the material during drying, i.e. the temperature rise of the material, and try to choose high temperature when the material allows it. It should be noted that in many drying methods, especially rapid drying, the temperature of the material being dried is much lower than the temperature of the drying medium. For example, the hot air temperature in a flash dryer is as high as 250-300, but the discharge temperature is generally below 60. It can be seen that the heat utilization rate of the flash dryer is quite considerable. According to the new requirements and development of the market, Hengshui Xinnuo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. upgrades the old manual operation to fully automatic one-key operation, which not only saves labour for the enterprise, but also greatly reduces the failure rate and maintenance rate of the equipment operation.

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