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Automobile air conditioning refrigerant market chaos adulteration phenomenon is serious

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"Strange, my car added air conditioning refrigerant, why is the effect still bad?" Mr. Wang, a car owner in hangzhou, bought a used car last year. Feeling that the air conditioner wasn't cooling prope

"Strange, my car added air conditioning refrigerant, why is the effect still bad?" Mr. Wang, a car owner in hangzhou, bought a used car last year. Feeling that the air conditioner wasn't cooling properly, he went to a service store in a large auto parts market in hangzhou and added a refrigerant.

Mr. Wang is not alone. "The summer has come and more cars have come to our 4S stores to add refrigerant. We found that some of the air conditioner condensers in some of the older cars had leaked, and the cause of the leakage was corrosion of the condensers." Mr. Sun, the after-sales service manager of a 4S shop in hangzhou, said that the price might be half the price. Many car owners like to add air-conditioning refrigerant to roadside stores, but they are added with fake air-conditioning refrigerant.

The R12 owner's vehicle was hurt

"Today's air-conditioners are all made with R134, which has long been banned." Wu kuizhong, manager of automobile service of zhejiang kangzhong automobile of ford 4S shop, said that if the refrigerant such as R12 and R22 is added, the air conditioning can also be refrigerated in a short time, which means the effect is worse. However, if used for a long time, the light will lead to leakage, which will cause irreparable damage to the whole automobile air conditioning system.

"A car owner came to our company to repair the car, which means that the air conditioner in the car is not refrigerated, but it is easy to accumulate ice." Xu guoqiang, general manager of hangzhou garden automobile maintenance co., said that they have professional identification instruments. After testing the vehicles sent for inspection by car owners, it was found that the so-called newly added refrigerant R134 is actually R12. Mr Xu said the R12, known as "sub-fluorine", is highly corrosive and can easily corrode air-conditioning systems such as condensers, leading to leaks. One owner replaced the whole set of accessories such as condenser, evaporator and compressor with less loss of several thousand yuan and more than 20,000 yuan.

Banned refrigerant is still on the market

Automobile air conditioner refrigerant, also known as "snow seed", is the use of banned refrigerant as environmental protection refrigerant. In recent days, the reporter visited hangzhou auto parts market, and found that the market is still selling banned and inferior refrigerant.

A reporter came to a car parts city in the north of hangzhou city, saw several auto parts companies in the workshop, the walls hung a few cans of bottles, according to the label, provided are R134 signs of the canned refrigerant. When the reporter asks to buy cheap R12 refrigerant, auto parts salesman expresses, the shop head did not put to sell goods, also do not retail. If you want to wholesale can take goods to the warehouse, because they only wholesale to maintenance shop. 000000000000According to introducing, R12 and R22 are used less now, but because price is cheap, so still can have a lot of repair shop to choose. "R134a refrigerant costs about $560 per can, but R12 is only half the price, and the main difference is the proportion of fluorine." People in the industry said.

The qualified rate of 60 kinds of automobile refrigerant is less than 10%

In July 3, a survey released by CCTV's weekly quality report showed that the qualified rate of automobile refrigerant was less than 10%. According to its in Beijing, hangzhou, guangzhou and other places auto parts market purchase of 60 kinds of automobile refrigerant, after testing, only 5 are qualified, qualified rate is less than 10%. According to experts, the air conditioning system of cars manufactured after 2002 is specially designed for R134. If other non-134a refrigerants such as R12 and R22 are added, they can be refrigerated in a short period of time. However, if they are used for a long period of time, leakage will be generated when they are light. Suggest car owner discovers air conditioning refrigeration effect is bad when, should go as far as possible normal maintenance shop undertakes maintain, do not buy refrigerant to add note by oneself, do not go to the small service shop of roadside inn or auto parts market more.

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