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Some general knowledge of basic zinc carbonate


The manufacturer of alkaline zinc carbonate considers the vulcanisation activator as a third component, an auxiliary cross-linker and accelerator, which has the advantage of giving the rubber an acceptable processing function. Zinc oxide is used in sulphur/accelerator vulcanisation systems and the zinc oxide used is available in many different particle sizes, purity and potencies. If the amount of zinc oxide is not sufficient, not only are the physical and mechanical functions (modulus, pressure changes) impaired, but the resistance to reversion is also poor. As the amount of zinc oxide increases, the anti-return effect increases rapidly at first and then slowly. In NR (general purpose sulphur yellow dosage sub-sulphonamide accelerator), the anti-reversion of sulphurisation does not increase with more than 4 to 5 parts of zinc oxide.


The alkaline zinc carbonate manufacturer believes that because zinc oxide is insoluble in rubber, it cannot give full play to its active benefits when used alone. It combines with stearic acid to produce zinc soap (a complex of stearic acid and zinc) dissolved in rubber, which then intervenes in the vulcanisation reaction.

The alkaline zinc carbonate manufacturer believes that stearic acid has an activating effect, activating the double bonds of the rubber molecules in an acidic manner, thus accelerating the formation of cross-linked bonds. In some vulcanisation systems, it increases the crosslink density of the vulcanised rubber. In alkaline accelerators or their combined accelerator systems, it often has the advantage of delaying the sulphur point. In addition, stearic acid improves the evacuation of the filler and also weakens the tendency of the rubber to stick to the rolls. If the rubber speculation is correct, stearic acid can be used in amounts of up to three parts when large amounts of reinforcing carbon black are added. However, when the amount of stearic acid is high, the bond between the rubber and the metal is weakened.

The alkaline zinc carbonate manufacturer believes that zinc oxide and stearic acid generated during the vulcanisation process has a small solubility in paraben rubber, so the excessive use of stearic acid can cause frosting in the rubber with paraben rubber guess.

Zinc carbonate manufacturers believe that zinc carbonate is used in medicine as a skin protectant, in feed as a zinc supplement, in industry as a light-colored astringent and latex products, preparation of oven-glycerine lotion, also used as the main raw material for desulfurization agents and catalysts in the artificial silk and fertilizer industries, but also widely used in rubber products, paints and other chemical products.

The alkaline zinc carbonate manufacturer believes that in oil drilling, this product can react with H2S to produce stable insoluble ZnS, which will not affect the performance of the mud after adding. The above are some knowledge points about alkaline zinc carbonate, I hope you can seriously learn to understand the relevant knowledge, choose the right products and equipment for their needs, to ensure their own benefits, if you want to know more details, you can contact us, I believe we can give you a satisfactory answer!

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