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Some information about vinyl chloride trifluoride?


When we see this trifluorochloroethylene, some people may feel very strange, after all, in life is not very common, but you do not have to worry, as manufacturers we certainly also need to tell you and it is necessary to tell some basic information, if you are also interested, you can read along with the small editor.


This trifluorochloroethylene is used in a wide range of applications, but we can't tell from its name what it is and what it can be used for, in fact it is used in many industries. Vinyl trifluoride, also known as chlorotrifluoroethylene, can form an explosive mixture when mixed with air, and can cause combustion and explosion when exposed to open flame or high heat. When in use, if it encounters high heat and the pressure inside the container is high, there is a risk of cracking and explosion. During production, its molecular chain contains a certain number of polar groups, so it can be used to form large flocs by adsorbing solid particles suspended in water, bridging the particles or coalescing them through charge neutralisation. The appearance and properties of vinyl chloride trifluoride are colorless, with a slight etheric odor. It is normally used in the manufacture of resins and other industries. It is also soluble in ether when used. It sinks and boils in water. Visible clouds of flammable vapour can be produced. Our company is a specialist in this field, so if you have a need for this, you can come here to order. Of course, if you are not sure, you can go to the company's website for more detailed information so that you can be confident in your choice of cooperation with us.

Once you know what trifluorochloroethylene is, let's look at some other points of knowledge. In fact, there is still a lot of information about vinyl chloride trifluoride that you need to know before using it, such as the conditions in which vinyl chloride trifluoride is to be avoided in contact with heat and light. This is certainly one of the issues that you need to be aware of. And it is also a flammable product. What you also need to know when using it is how to extinguish it. You can start by cutting off the gas supply. If the gas source cannot be cut off immediately, do not allow the burning gas to be extinguished. Spray water to cool the container and if possible move the container from the fire to an open area. Mist water. Vinyl trifluoride is one of the most important monomers in the synthesis of fluorine-containing materials, which can be homopolymerised or copolymerised to produce a range of fluorine resins, fluoroelastomers, coatings and HCFC lubricants. These fluorinated materials have excellent chemical inertness and are highly resistant to a number of advantages. They are very tolerant to electrolytes, such as amine chloride and sodium sulphate, and are also compatible with surfactants. Our products are also designed to offer these basic advantages. We welcome you to buy the right product for you if you need it, and you will not be disappointed.

After the introduction of the above, we have also seen the scope of use of vinyl chloride trifluoride and its basic characteristics, if you have other questions do not understand, you can always come to consult, we are here to welcome and long-term cooperation.

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