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What is R134a and what are its characteristics?


When we talk about R134a now, we won't feel strange, because we have also made some basic information about it in more detail. Come and have a look together.


The properties of R134a are reflected in several different places, such as corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, high permeability and no hydrogen embrittlement. The first thing you need to know here is that R134a is in fact the more common tetrafluoroethane, an organic compound with the chemical formula C2H2F4, which is a widely used medium and low temperature environmentally friendly refrigerant. It is an organic compound with the chemical formula C2H2F4. The product has a boiling point of -26.5 °C. It has a melting point of -101 °C. The density is 4.25 kg/m³ (gaseous state). It is a colourless gas with a safety description of S23; S38 hazard symbol XiUN dangerous goods code 3159. Only then will there be no problems when using it. The company is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development, application and promotion of R134a. If you have the need for this, are able to come to the field to visit. We were established in 2003, so we have some experience, and we have a lot of customers who work with us, so there are a lot of customers in this industry who are looking for formal manufacturers in the market. If you think it's not bad, you can go to the official website for some basic information.

If you do not know anything about R134a, you can call us to consult, we have many other advantages, but also with a number of foreign companies for long-term cooperation, in the use of R134a, you also need to understand is that in fact R134a is mainly used for small refrigerators and automotive air conditioning refrigerant. What is also important to understand as a user is that in the 1990s it began to replace the more environmentally harmful R-12, which was used in refrigeration equipment and was retrofitted to accommodate HFC-134a. In addition, R134a can be used as a foam foaming agent and cleaning agent when it is in operation. It is also a common propellant for air guns in survival games. We have won the trust of our customers here since our inception with consistent quality, honesty and compliance and reasonable prices. Of course, this is what users have to understand when choosing, later you have to go to see if their company is guaranteed in quality, and if it is a company that keeps its promises in good faith, and if the price is reasonable, as long as these words are met, it is worthy of our trust and choice.

The above article is a small introduction to some of the characteristics of R134a, if you do not have a good grasp of these, then it is just right to bring you help. If you still need to know more about R134a, you can browse the company's website for more information, and thank you for watching.


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