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Properties of ammonium zinc chloride and what are its uses


Ammonium zinc chloride is in the form of white hexagonal crystalline granular crystals or powder, microwave irradiation heating rate: 1.39k/s, molecular formula ZnCl2. Soluble in methanol, ethanol, glycerol, ether,, insoluble in liquid chlorine, strong deliquescence, ammonium zinc chloride is one of the important commodities in the inorganic salt industry, its use is widespread, mostly used in printing and dyeing plants and production of preparations.


Ammonium zinc chloride is soluble in water, can absorb moisture from the air deliquescence, has the characteristics of dissolved metal oxides and cellulose, dissolved ammonium zinc chloride has a very good conductivity energy, when hot will generate a deep white smoke, ammonium zinc chloride is corrosive, harmful, sealed in a dry place for storage, the following together to understand the nature of ammonium zinc chloride and what uses it has!

Main uses of ammonium zinc chloride

1. Inorganic industrial production: expansion of its area. Inorganic industrial production of zinc chloride as an activator for the production and manufacture of activated carbon, activated carbon into porous structures, also used in the manufacture of resistant foam fire-fighting fluids and raw materials for the production of zinc cyanide.

2, organic industrial production: organic industrial production with organic solvents, organic contact agents, dehydrating agents, condensation agents, deodorants, special surface active agents and vanillin, wireless aldehydes, anti-inflammatory agents, catalysts for the preparation of cation exchange resins.

3、Petroleum industry production: as a purifying agent.

4, hair dye industrial production: as ice dye hair colour salt stabilizer, but also reactive dyes, cationic hair dye production and manufacture.

5、Production of rubber industry: auxiliary material for vulcanization accelerator zPC.

6, printing and dyeing industry production: as mordant, massel agent, increaser. Electroplating technology industrial production of zinc ion additive as ammonium salt galvanization.

7, pigment industry production: as a raw material for white pigments.

8、Metallurgical industry: used in the production and manufacture of aluminium alloy profiles and in the solution of metal surfaces. Used as a rust remover when welding. Coal washing plants are common in floating and sinking experiments.

9、Organic synthesis industrial production: used as dehydrating agent, condensation agent and catalyst for vanillin, vanillin, anti-inflammatory and painkiller, cation exchange resin in organic synthesis industrial production. Can be used in organic solvents.

10、Dyeing and weaving industrial production: as a mordant, massel agent, sizing agent.

11, as a textile industry production: the production of raw materials for the manufacture of cotton barrels, kettles and other raw materials (auxiliary solvent for cotton fibres), can improve the adhesion of chemical fibres.

The above describes the nature of ammonium zinc chloride and what uses it has. Ammonium zinc chloride is a widely used chemical that is often found in everyday life, ammonium zinc chloride is easily combined with water and has good water absorption, making it an ideal compound for maintaining water purity


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