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Mixed refrigerant R407C

R407C is a ternary refrigerant, which is introduced as an alternative to R22, which is only required to change the oil and other secondary parts in the actual replacement of the three elements.
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R407C is a ternary refrigerant, which is introduced as an alternative to R22, which is only required to change the oil and other secondary parts in the actual replacement of the three elements. In order to improve the properties of the ester oil is easy to break down into the residue, the additives are often added in the system. When used, to give full play to its advantages, it is best to choose a counter current heat exchanger. In addition, the area of the condenser and the cooling medium flow is also increased. R407c also has a clean, low toxicity, non burning, good refrigeration effect, etc., a large number of air-conditioning industry.

Physical and chemical properties

United Nations No 3340
Molecular Weight 86.2
Boiling Point (℃) -43.8
Critical Temperature (℃)  86.74
Critical Pressure (MPa)  4.619
Specific Heat of Liquid 30°C [KJ/( kg·k)]  1.51
Ozone Depression Potential  0
Global Warming Potential  1700

Technical parameters

Analysis Requirement
Appearance Colorless and clear
Purity (% by weight) 99.5min
Water (% by weight) 0.0010max
Acidity (as HCl) % 0.0001max
Evaporation Residue (% by weight) 0.0100max
Smell Odorless


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