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13.6KG Neutral cylinder

It is internationally recognized that HFC-134a is the first and ideal choice to replace Freon (CFCS product).
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It is internationally recognized that HFC-134a is the first and ideal choice to replace Freon (CFCS product). The product is featured with no damage to the ozonosphere (ODP=0), safe non-toxicity and non-flammable. 

HFC-134a is the substitution of CFC-12 in refrigeration, polymer foaming, aerosol producing and so on, which is widely used in automobile air-conditioning, home applications, small fixed refrigerators, medium-temperature refrigerators in supermarkets and industrial refrigerators.

As the research carrying on, HFC-134a is to be used as carrier of pharmaceutical inhalation. HFC-134a could also be used in the aerosol production with extreme limitation in toxicity and flammability.

Physical and chemical properties

CAS No 811-97-2
Molecular Formula CH2FCF3
Molecular Weight 102.03
Boiling Point 101.3KPa (℃) -26.2
Freezing Point 101.3KPa (℃) -96.6
Critical Temperature (℃) 101.1
Critical Pressure (KPa) 25℃ 4066.6
Saturated Liquid Density 25℃ (kg/m³) 1206.1
Specific Heat of Liquid 25℃ [KJ/( kg·k)] 1.44
Ozone Depression Potential 0
Global Warming Potential 0.29

Technical parameters

Analysis Requirement
Appearance Colorless and clear liquid
Purity (% by GC Area) 99.9min
Total Chlorofluoro Unsaturated (% by GC Area) 0.0040max
Acidity (as HCl) % 0.0001max
Water (% by weight) 0.0030max
Evaporation Residue (% by weight) 0.0100max
Chloride (pass/fail) pass
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